Underboss Craggdar was a pit boss when Warlord Skarsnik was rising through the Broken Moon tribe. He was canny enough to realise that Skarsnik would rise a long way and offered him fealty in exchange for a place by his side.

Craggdar is a cunning goblin. He realises that making any move on Warlord Skarsnik would have him thrown to his own squigs. Therefore he is quite content to stay as his right hand goblin, after all who knows what will happen in the heat of battle.

When not in combat Craggdar acts as Skarsnik's chief enforcer. Many goblins fomenting thoughts rebellion have found themselves at the mercy of Craggdar's hunter squig packs.

When Warlord Skarsnik called his great Waagh Underboss Craggdar was given the task of taking the Dragonhold Mines. Realising that a frontal assault on the gates would be suicidal Craggdar commanded that his squig packs and riders would scale the seemingly unscalable crags surrounding the mine.

Having made their way up the crags, losing only a quarter of their number in the attempt, the squig waves fell upon the defenders of the mines in a flurry of teeth. Having eaten the invaders the squig riders opened the gates of the mine. It was now theirs.

Underboss Craggdar now works the mines slaves near death to produce the ores and gold needed to feed the armies of Warlord Skarsnik. He eagerly awaits the word to mobilise the squig hordes again.