The host of Cuatl Lord Tlanextic is a combined arms force, balancing the tough saurians, poisoned skinks and strong monsters to come from the spawning pits.

Characters: Edit

Cuatl Lord Tlanextic (740): General, Wandering Path, Wellspring of Power, Jade Staff.

Skink Captain (220): BSB, Taurosaur, Spear of the Stampede, Lucky Charm.

Skink Priest (280): Extra Spell, Dispel Scroll.

Skink Priest (210): Extra Spell, Black Cube.

Core: Edit

30x Saurian Warriors (820): Spears, Jaguar Warriors, Full command.

15x Skink Braves (180):

15x Skink Braves (180):

Special: Edit

22x Temple Guard (656): Full command

Thunder Lizards: Edit

Taurosaur Mount for Skink Captain (450)

Thyroscutus (280): Altar of the Snake-God

Jungle Guerrilla: Edit

10x Chameleons (240):

10x Chameleons (240):