Year 0


Warlord Skarsnik claimed the territory around him before moving to the near by ruins and despite whipping his workers found nothing in them.

Spiderking Ghax claimed nearby territory and moved to Barak Varr to prepare for the future...

Underboss Craggdar moved to remove the last of the dwarven scourge from the mountains, but was beaten there by the elves of Tor Alindril.


An ally was made of The Eternal Empire forming the Dark Pact

Warlord Skarsnik once again searched the ruins, but found nothing. He then headed towards Nahuatl, claiming territory along the way.

Spiderking Ghax whipped his underlings into upgrading Barak Varr into a city before heading south to head off Elven aggression.

Underboss Craggdar annoyed at being beated to the dwarven hold turned his gaze towards Nahuatl only to arrive at the same time as the Elven army headed by Lokin. After a three way battle between both attackers and the defender the goblin flag flew above the city.


The Duchy of Bordelaux was lured into the Dark Pact with promises of wealth and power.

Warlord Skarsnik seeing that Nahuatl was in goblin hands headed to the Dragonhold Mines and turned it into a fortress.

Spiderking Ghax claimed the territory around him and stood guard against aggression.

Underboss Craggdar headed south and claimed territory


The true allies of the Dark Pact revealed themselves to be The Under-Empire and slaughtered the inhabitants of The Duchy of Bordelaux

Spiderking Ghax chopped the local trees down to make boats and set sail for New Lustria

Underboss Craggdar moved towards to Squiggopolis intending to use it's magical powers to teleport.

Boss Ardstuf moved south east and took out his rage on the local trees.

Warlord Skarsnik used the chopped trees to upgrade Dragonhold into a city and moved south to claim terrritory.

Year 1


The Elf Alliance showed their true colours and foolishly declared war on the triple alliance.

Spiderking Ghax abandoned his trip to New Lustria and made landfall to the south of Tor Alindril

Underboss Craggdar defended Squiggopolis from the dark elves of Naalthyr

Boss Ardstuf patrolled the border

Warlord Skarsnik and Boss Wyrmkicker fought Haspar and pushed him back claimed large swathes of territory in the progress