Muspelheim is a land of industry and pollution located in the centre of North Meanos. A majority of its population are slaves, brutally controlled by an elite of Infernal Dwarves. The realm is ruled from the capital, also named Muspelheim, by the Gathering of Sorcerers. This mysterious group of the 10 most powerful sorcerers is led by a tyrant known only as Balegyr.


Muspelheim derives most of its wealth from mines worked by slave labour. For the past three centuries it has also enjoyed a close trade alliance with The Eternal Empire to its east.


Muspelheim was once a powerful Dwarven realm within the Grand Empire. It supplied the Empire with metal and Weirdstone from its mines. However, the corrupting influence of Weirdstone began to change the Dwarves, twisting them into the Infernal Dwarves that they are today. After several violent insurrections, the Emperor sent multiple armies to put down the Infernal Dwarves. Most were caught and massacred, though a small population managed to survive in the depths of Mount Muspelheim. Here, the survivors became even more corrupted and paranoid. Their civilisation thrived below the ground, where they succeeded in enslaving Cave Goblins and Vermin Swarm.

Pre-Great Council

The Infernal Dwarves of Muspelheim emerged from the depths following the cataclysm that destroyed the Grand Empire. They quickly seized territory on the surface, and enslaved any who had survived the collapse.

The Great Council

At the Great Council, Muspelheim and The Eternal Empire jointly refused to negotiate on the mining and use of Weirdstone. Follow heated argument and the outbreak of actual violence, Muspelheim withdrew its emissary.

Post-Great Council

Muspelheim has cut diplomatic ties with all realms save the Eternal Empire. Within their black-iron citadels, the Infernal Dwarves bide their time.

The Uprising

In Autumn of Year 1 AGC, an enormous slave revolt broke out across the realm. Rampaging hordes of half-starved Cave Goblins and Vermin left Muspelheim in ruin. It is unknown whether any Infernal Dwarves survived the butchery.