History of the North

From the endless snowy wastes that crown the land of Craxumia, many things emerge, and they are not always of a flesh and form the meeker inhabitants of the land might expect.

These groups are usually a nomadic band of stragglers, or the yearly migration of fauna moving south for warmer climates (for the northern wastes are nothing short of inhospitable at the height of winter). But recently there have been sightings of strange humanoid figures moving through the blizzards; and of larger, looming shadows that cast a silhouette on the horizon. The inhabitants of nearby Bordelaux peasants towns find that more and more they hear less from the towns to their north.

The sightings came at a trickle, but as winter broke and summer came there began a flood, creatures of twisted form and nightmarish proportion, beasts of sickly pale flesh accompanied by a miasma that erodes away the earth it encounters. And a larger form.. a winged beast with a jagged beak caught only in snatches and glances as if to look for too long would drive a man mad. Whispers are heard through the mountains as horde moves, a single word ringing through the north as if chimed from a bell... Ti'Lath..

Recent reports suggest that the host has taken up residence in the abandoned dwarven hold of Drakenhof, and has claimed the surrounding area from the nomads that populate the north. What they have done with the previous inhabitants is not entirely known, but its seems as the host expands, its numbers swell.. and the survivors that flee to the south are haunted by nightmares of their loved ones, crying for aid as their bodies and souls are pulled and shaped, as though sculpted by a will much greater than their own.

The jagged mountain range that runs from the north was once called a different name, but has since been known as the Claw of Tzeentch, in reverence of the ruinous power that plagued the minds of men long ago. This most recent incursion is none too familiar to those who have knowledge of the ancient past, and history oft repeats itself in ways that makes playthings of mortal men. All that is known is that this latest threat, this Legion, grows with each passing day, and soon will be demanding the attention of all the other inhabitants of Craxumia.

The War for the Contested Continent

The Duchy of Bordelaux declared war on the Legion of Abholos in Summer of Year 0 AGC, in the hopes that they could stifle the mysterious threat and claim the Contested Continent for themselves.