Known History Edit

Previously known as the empire of flame, the once proud cities of the now insidious empire of Soleir where known as centers of learning and enlightenment. After a cataclysmic event that bought the Kingdom of flame to its knees, the newly appointed young king vowed to re-build the empire no matter the cost.

Some 1000 years of hardship and strife followed. Famine and war broke the back of the empire and when they cried out for help to the mortal races of Craxumia, allies of old turned their backs. Broken and defeated, the young king cried out to the either, and to his surprise something cried back.

The Queen of blood had answered his call. With honeyed words the eleven prince was seduced, offering power and a means to re-build his fallen empire. With reckless abandon the elves of the empire of flame embraced this new-found power, their gates shut to all outsiders and so the decent into madness began.

8 Years to the day, open have swung the gates and out poured an unholy alliance of elves and the newly risen dead. "Gifts" of military might given as part of a dark and unholy pact.

Now cruel armies surge forth, pillaging and reaping as they go. The Empire of Soleir is born, and they will have their vengeance on a world that left them to die.

Army ListsEdit

Generals Army

Raiders Bounty

Shambling Hordes