Upon sailing to the southern end of the misty continent of Dancing Chrysalis, Prince Haspari of the Con'Dia line discovered a verdant plain with a gleaming river running through it, spilling out into an estuary reminiscent of his homeland in the far off reaches of the Fortress of the Rising Sun, seemingly half a world away.

Reminded of the grand marbled halls of the Consul's Palace, with their massive columns holding up an enchanted vaulted ceiling depicting the grand victories of his father over the hordes of greenskins and daemons that plagued the Fortress, Haspari felt the pull of creating his own colony, finally shaking off the weight of his fathers' successes.

Joined by his best retainers from his days of studies at the tower among whom were the great Haspar, wielder of strength unparalleled in elven kind, Lokin with his wild magicks coursing through his veins and Yildali, quiet as a whisper and as hard as granite. With all his finest around him, Haspari set about creating his new world.

However, reports from Yil'dali's rangers showed signs of a goblin infestation among the mountains to the north. Filled with burning ambition and haughty desire to exceed his brothers in his explorations and combat prowress, he surged north into the jungles to forge his destiny with his loyal retainers at his side.


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