Buné's Throng marched out this afternoon to defend their newly formed settlement from the invading Duke Laudethaire the Beloved. A hard battle was fought, with grail knights and some realm knights destroying a unit of horrors on one flank, while vile tallymen ground down knights on the other. The grail knights, lead by the head damsel of The Duchy of Bordelaux charged Bune himself, the champion of the unit meeting him in a challenge only to be slain. The damsel knew he had more fight in him, raising him from the dead to fight and die once more. His death was not in vain for he bought time for Duke Laudethaire to charge and slay a mighty daemon engine of pestilence! When the Duke turned his gaze towards Bune, his hippogryph was struck by a magical ailment causing him to move randomly and fall fall short of the charge. Bune took this opportunity to charge and challenge the general in a mighty duel. After what seemed an age, Duke Laudethaire was only able to severely wound the daemon before falling in combat himself. Meanwhile, the battle standard bearers for both sides were also locked in a duel, with the questing paladin coming out on top as his mighty steed dealt the finishing kick to the harbinger of pestilence. When all the fighting was done, a minor victory was won by the forces of Bordelaux.