Duke Markus (520): General, Hippogryph, Questing Oath, Virtue of Audacity, Shield, Potion of Swiftness, Glittering Cuirass, Fleshrender, Sprout of Rebirth.

Paladin Erthrad (436): Battle Standard Bearer, Pegasus, Grail Oath, Shield, Charm of Cursed Iron, Armour of Percival, Lucky Charm.

Damsel Grace (350): 2 Extra Spells, Dispel Scroll.


9x Knights of the Realm (550): Champion + Standard.

40x Peasant Levy (400): Halberds, Champ + Standard

40x Peasant Levy (400): Halberds, Champ + Standard

10x Peasant Bowman


Trebuchet (300)

Trebuchet (300)

Airborne Gallantry:

Hippogryph Mount (260)

4x Pegasus Knights (510): Champion + Standard

3x Pegasus Knights (400): Champion + Standard