Paladin Frederick II (302): Questing Oath, Virtue of Humility, Shield, Glittering Cuirass, Crown of Scorn, Great Weapon

Character + Airborne Gallantry:

Duke Harken(650): General, Lance, Pegasus, Grail Oath, Virtue of Might, Shield, Divine Icon, Armour of Percival, Dusk Stone.

Paladin Gilad (552): Battle Standard Bearer, Great weapon, Pegasus, Questing Oath, Virtue of Audacity, Shield, Armour of Destiny.


10x Knight Aspirant (520): Heavy Armour, Crusaders, Full command.

10x Peasant Bowmen (140):

10x Peasant Bowmen (140):

58x Peasant Levy (600): Halberd, Full command


Sacred Reliquary (260)

Trebuchet (300)

Trebuchet (300)

5x Yeoman Outriders (110)

Airborne Gallantry:

5x Pegasus Knights (620): Champion, Musician