The Army of Boss Ardstuf (4500pts) Edit

The army of Boss Ardstuff is comprised of only the toughest creatures and the spies of Warlord Skarsnik

Characters (810pts) Edit

Boss Ardstuf (360): Iron Orc Warlord, General, Waaagh!, Paired Weapons, Shield

Chief Crumper Elfsmasha (250): Iron Orc Chief, Shield, Crown of Scorn, Obsidian Sword

Notaspy Sneky (200): Cave Goblin Chief, Battle Standard Bearer, Shield, Crown of the Cavern King

Core (1131pts) Edit

Why? (791): 59 Cave Goblins, Champion, Musician, Spears and Shields, 3x Mad Git, Standard Bearer, Ironhide Icon

Sissy Sticks (340): 25 Cave Goblins, Musician, Bows, Standard Bearer, Mad Git, Nets

Special (2559pts) Edit

Where (140): 6 Grotling Swarms

Boss' Ladz (860): 30 Iron Orcs, Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, Mikinok's Totem

Crumpers (835): 30 Iron Orcs, Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer, Aether Icon

Slow in da Head (724): 8 Cave Trolls

Shooty 'uns (0pts) Edit

Big n' Nasty (0pts) Edit