The forces of High Priest Zuhtze-Xa'e's defense force are comprised entirely of small yet deadly skinks! Lurking in the shadows they use poison to their advantage, supported by other large monsters.

Characters: Edit

Lord Frog Zuhtze-Xa'e (Cuatl Lord) (500): General

Skink Captain (210): BSB, Taurosaur, Spear of the Stampede, Poisoned Javalin

Skink Priest (280): 1 Additional Learned Spell, Dispel Scoll.

Character + Jungle Guerrilla: Edit

Skink Captain (280): Alpha Ramphodon, Ogre Sword, Lucky Shield, Poisoned Javalin, Talisman of Shielding

Core Edit

40x Skink Braves (880): 4x Caiman, Full Command, Icon of the Relentless Company

19x Skink Braves (220):

Jungle Guerrilla: Edit

11x Chameleon (260):

10x Chameleon (240):

3x Skink Sky-Riders (290): Ramphodons, Shields.

3x Skink Sky-Riders (290): Ramphodons, Shields.

Thunder Lizards: Edit

Thyroscutus (280): Altar of the Snake God

Thyroscutus (250): Sun Engine

Taurosaur Mount (530): Engine of the Ancients