The town of Mousillion was once a proud capitol housing many noble knight families. At an unknown time in the past the Duke of Mousillion decided to try and take the throne for himself, leading a rebellion against the armies of Bordelaux. Eventually, after a long siege the rebellious Duke was defeated and the town remained cursed until this day. Ever wreathed in darkness and mist the people of Mousillion are looked down upon by the nobles of the kingdom, and feared by the peasants. The current ruler, Markus, is a long descendant of the rebellious Duke and has made it his mission to redeem the name of his house via great deeds on the field of battle. The lowborn population shares this fanaticism, yearning to return to the glory days passed down in stories. It is said that the spirit of the rebellious knight joins battle for the army of Mousillion in the attempt to reclaim his honour.