Haxum the Dead


Haxum is one of Craxumia’s Three Moons. It is as black as obsidian, and therefore near impossible to see in the night hours. It is considered a bad omen if this moon appears in the day sky.

During the Black Season on Charon's Boat, Haxum is the only moon in the sky. All three moons, Haxum, Coril, and Balas, align and neither of the other two moons are visible from anywhere on Charon's Boat. The only omen for the Black Season is the ever increasing shadow of Haxum during day time. As the shadow grows larger and darker, the Black Season draws nearer. The elves call Haxum "the Harbinger" (of the Black Season).

The Black Season does not affect the other continents as it does Charon's Boat, but all the seas, lakes, rivers around Craxumia rise beyond high tide levels, hurricanes and heavy rains devastate sea and land.