In the closing days of winter, a great jousting tournament was due to be held in the Duchy of Bordelaux with invitations sent to all the realms. Many important leaders attended, yet they arrived to a scene of complete devastation. Noble bodies lay in pools of blood, merchants scattered among their wares and peasants slaughtered by the thousands. The city was quiet except for the sound of carrion. The leaders of the realms were discussing the situation in the old meeting hall when they heard a gruff voice. “All hail the true triple alliance of evil!” A figure stepped in through the large oak dining hall doors, covered in red fur and carrying a large glowing blade. Vulture Lord Shaozoro and Lord Skarsnik could barely contain their glee, “Welcome to our true ally, Lord Tyrant Graskk!”.

Lord Graskk

All across the Duchy, Lords and Paladins were slain by hidden rat assassins, while an innumerable tide of vermin spilled from the sewers. The rivers of the land ran red for 3 weeks, those who opposed were slain and those that gave in were taken as slaves to work in the weirdstone mines. Parravon was overthrown and the fires burning in the fortress turned the white marble jet black, giving its new name of The Black Citadel. Mousillion was already in a terrible state, and the new vermin owners loved the darkness in its old name. The rats that stormed the small town of Gisoreux took the holy chapel after a bloody, and extended battle, eventually bringing the bell tower down with a large plague catapult. Giving the town its new name of Shattered Tower. Finally, the capital city of Bordelaux, being razed almost to the ground was given a new name to suit its appearance. Many collapsed roofs left support columns standing among the rubble, Bordelaux truly is now The City of Pillars.