Caenith is the Queen and current ruler of Naalthyr , and holds her court in Nelmthyr. Caenith is a highly practised sorceress and the most powerful amongst the elves of Naalthyr, achieving the rank of Exalted Oracle before she was two centuries old.

Caenith is one of three sisters, her younger sisters being Cithel, the Cult Priestess of Nahb, and Rhovaneth, her youngest sister, a sorceress.

Caenith came to power one hundred years ago, when her father, the King of Naalthyr, inexplicably died. Rumour has it that Caenith was often requested at the orgies of the Dark God Slannesh himself. Caenith possessed a rare power to resist the Dark God’s propositions. Her denial drove Slannesh insane, until he promised her anything she wanted, as long as they could copulate. A bargain was struck in which Slannesh would take her father’s soul to the underworld so that she could become Queen. This pact was consecrated within the heart of the volcano Nytebelle, which caused a volcanic eruption.

Caenith often rides her Dark Pegasus in the skies above her Queendom, and also into battle.