Boss 'Ardstuff was born in the volcano islands north of Dancing Chrysalis. It was a brutal upbringing near the volatile volcanoes. As all orcs he grew up fighting anything he could get his claws on. However as he grew he found that the fights became less of a challenge and therefore boring.

In the Winter of Year 0 he heard of the growing greenskin empire to the south. Thinking that that many greenskins gathering would mean that some good scraps were ahead he beat together the members of his tribe and set sail.

Boss Ardstuf hates weakness as how can you have a good scrap with something so puny. As such any goblin is beneath him. He has a grudging respect for Warlord Skarsnik as he appreciates that by following him there'll be some good fights ahead. He views magic as particularly weak as using to kill his boyz is cheating. The only true fight is face to face and ends with his opponent in tiny pieces.

He realises that Notaspy Sneky and the goblins assigned to his army are there to spy on him, but what can they do?