Bhonlodar is a Dwarven Hold situated in the southern World's Edge Mountains in Dancing Chrysalis. It was captured by The Elven Realm of Tor Alindril in Summer of Year 0. It is well-known for its gold veins, and much of the gold-craft on Craxumia comes from the hold.


Bhonlodar was once a minor Hold of the Dwarven Empire. However, after the collapse of the Empire during the rise of Warlord Skarsnik, the Dwarven nobility under King Erizoc Silveraxe fled to the hold. Its population was swelled by these refugees, and expansion and fortification projects were quickly initiated. Skarsnik has eyed this final hold in the World's Edge Mountains for years.

Suprisingly however, It was the Elves of Tor Alindril that finally captured Bhonlodar while King Silveraxe was away campaigning against Skarsnik's lieutenants.